Accounting System Migration

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Case Study: Accounting System Migration


The client is one of the world’s pioneering domain registration and website hosting platforms that has evolved into a multi-faceted Technology conglomerate.
It provides online business solutions to 10s of millions of merchants across multiple industries. Amongst its portfolio of solutions is a holistic Accounting system, which is used by over 35,000 merchants (and growing) worldwide.

The Challenge

As part of it’s rapid Technology-centric growth and evolution, the client planned to discontinue its Online Accounting solution. It struck a deal with a leading company in the financial software segment, to migrate the client’s 30,000 merchants to this company’s Online Accounting system. The client wanted to keep the migration process smooth for the merchants, with a simple guided migration flow and an embedded user interface that is seamlessly integrated with the client’s product dashboard. It also required automated activation into the new accounting system, but lacked the in-house expertise required to create such a solution.

The Solution

LINK built the migration solution for the client as an iFrame (embedded user interface that sits within the Client’s product dashboard), telling merchants the expiry date, asking them to migrate to the new accounting system, and activating them into the new system. No mapping or custom knowledge was required from the merchants. The mapping from the client’s to-be-discontinued accounting system to the other company’s online accounting system was handled by LINK’s solution. At the end of the migration, the solution provided a CSV to the merchant of any entities that were not mapped.

After three months of build, the migration solution was launched by LINK in May 2022. Four months of transition time was given to merchants before the client discontinued its accounting system.

The Result

Within five hours of the launch, 600 to 700 migrations were enabled. The client’s accounting system was in use for 10 years, hence a substantial amount of data was mapped and migrated. A total of 7000 merchants were migrated to the new accounting system – a successful migration for the client given that only one new accounting system option was provided to the merchants. The entire process was achieved with 100% automation (no touch) and zero phone support, which was a first in the industry for a migration of this scale.

After the success of the accounting system migration, the client has continued to engage LINK to further build integrations between their multiple business solutions and the new accounting system.

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