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Until recently, restaurants and other dining establishments fell into two distinct categories: Full-service and limited service. Full service is your typical dine-in, table-service restaurant. It’s a simple definition, and it…

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Led by Mucker Capital with participation from Menlo Ventures, Pitbull Ventures, Incisive Ventures and several angel investors, the investment will fuel LINK’s plans to capitalize on …

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LINK Raises $5M and Sets Path to Unlock Revenues for 40K+ SMBs in the Food & Beverage, Hospitality, and Retail Sectors.

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LINK, an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) pioneer in the food, hospitality, and retail verticals today announces the company has secured $5 million in new investment.

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Restaurant technology solution provider LINK, an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) pioneer in the food, hospitality, and retail verticals, has secured $5 million in new investment.

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Ever wonder how the ‘Davids’ of the world stand up to the ‘Goliaths’ for their rightful share of the FoodTech ‘Automation via Integration’ Pie ?
Allow us to share with you how LINK has honored the status quo as we continue to revolutionize industries dominated by Goliaths.

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Proud to be a part of the ‘fastest growing’ section of Expert Dojo’s #portfolio. It is due to the support provided by our investors such as Expert Dojo that allow us to keep growing.

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CEO and Founder, Sriram Subramanian, has a chat with Philip Topham about his journey with LINK – digging deep into the industry and understanding why LINK is needed.

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Honoured to be featured in the Latka SaaS Magazine! This publication is posted monthly by the SaaS biz-whiz, Nathan Latka, and we hope to make the most of this feature. LINK is continuously on the up and we’re excited to be able to share our growing presence through outlets like this!

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LINK’s CEO and Founder, Sriram Subramanian, runs you through what we have to offer to the world, why it is so necessary and how we can help businesses set up for the future with cutting edge, seamless integrations.

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How LINK helps SMBs become future-proof with their amazing cloud tech Integration suite

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At YourStory’s third annual India MSME Summit, Logesh Velusamy, Founder and CEO, Effitrac Solutions, and Sriram Subramanian, Founder and CEO, LINK, came together to reveal some of the lessons India’s MSMEs have learned about cloud-based technologies.

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7 Equity Crowdfunding Offerings to Buy This Week (28-Jan-2021)
As a consumer in the 21st century, whenever you buy something, you expect the order to go through without any trouble. And this is no time for businesses to produce excuses — if the consumer experience is poor, customers will simply go to a rival company.

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A story about how a US returned Engineer has carved a niche for SMBs/SMEs to help them upgrade to Cloud Systems. From a Product Engineer working for eBay & Paypal to Starting his own firm, Mr. Sriram Subramanain’s journey has just Started.

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Join us for a chat with Sriram Subramanian to know more about his entrepreneurial journey, right from his days at the prestigious UC Berkeley to working for amazing businesses like HP and Paypal, then returning to India to adopt two beautiful daughters & set up his own SAAS startup LINK.

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LINK, with its Inventory Management Solutions helps to streamline the functions like Stock Automation so that inventory is managed at an optimum level, along with Integrations with the Vendors eases the operations for Retailers and SMBs.

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LINK has features as one of the 26 Startups heading to Silicon Valley for NASSCOM Innotrek. An Invite-only delegation for Indian Startups to connect and get inspired to keep on innovating and get recognition for its work in the Technology Space for leading Start-ups.

(16-Sept, 2016)

LINK, a One-stop Plug and Play solution is helping SMBs/SMEs to automate their operations and upgrade to the Cloud Systems. Tech company is in the process of making simple products for small sellers across the country at an affordable price.

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(15-July -2014)

Pune-based retail start-up LINK, which operates in the SME/SMB B2B Cloud Integrations segment, has raised $1 million in funding. LINK will use the funds to get more retailers on board, product development, and brand building in India

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(13-June -2014)

LINK helps retail stores convert social media and location-based app users into customers by enabling an optimized mobile storefront for quick transactions.

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LINK: A Better Way To Integrate

LINK is a single-point integration solution for Application Service providers. Let LINK handle your integration backlog so your engineers can focus on your core service roadmap.

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Stop sending your customers to a 3rd party – our integrations appear native to your service with a single line of code.

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100% Secure
and Compliant

We deploy and maintain our integrations in your infrastructure, so you never have to worry about data breaches or compliance issues.

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Rapid Development And

Integrations and migrations are all we do… new integrations typically launch within a matter of weeks.

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That Scales

We have scaled customers to 10k+ locations via our advanced support tooling and integrated ticketing process.

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Exponentially Reducing
Unit Cost

Bulk usage discounts, across all integrations utilized, dramatically increase cost efficiency compared to native build costs.

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Unlock new markets
and partnerships

With our fast-growing portfolio of integrations, you access new market opportunities and geographies to benefit your customers.

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Integrations and migrations are all we do… new integrations typically launch within a matter of weeks.

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Marketplace Listings
as a Service

Our white-label service combined with our extensive portfolio of integrations allows you to create an Integration Marketplace to offer to your customers.

LINK Supports
Your Engineers

Your engineers should focus on your core service, not integrations. LINK can solve all your integration needs or, if you have an existing integration technical team, LINK can handle integration requests that never get prioritized or urgent requests you lack the resources to tackle.

Extending The Team

Our integrations plug-in seamlessly with a single line of code and we maintain the integration – no burden on your engineering team.

No Code Model

Your engineers do not have to code. Just expose your API and LINK will handle the rest.

Real People

Real experts on the other end of the line to deliver support that truly scales.


For years, LINK has provided Fortune 500 companies with integrations that are not only reliable, but scale rapidly as well.

LINK Migration Service

We approached LINK to take over our tier 1 migration services based on the integration work we’d been doing with them for years. With them, we finally believe we have the right partner.

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Struggling to migrate thousands of customers? LINK can help.

  • Increase your Sale-to-Activation percentage to stop losing deals that have been won.
  • Prospect refuses to consider a new software unless they can migrate their historical data? No problem – now you can.
  • Free up Account Managers from struggling to troubleshoot technical issues in trying to assist new clients migrating to your platform.

Discuss your migration service needs today!

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Whether location or order-based, our affordable pricing is usage-based to lower your risk and ensure that we are a cost-effective solution.

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Order Based

Custom Pricing

We have the flexibility to incorporate other pricing models.

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