Seamless Integrations

We make integrations easy.

No more manual data reconciliation. No more tech-induced stress. Just seamless integrations, app onboarding and data migrations that allow your business to thrive.

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Reduction in Support Hours

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Average Cost Savings

LINK: A better way to integrate

LINK is a single-point integration solution for Application Service providers. Software Integration Company, Let LINK handle your integration backlog so your engineers can focus on your core service roadmap.

White-label embed

Stop sending your customers to a 3rd party – our software integration company appear native to your service.

100% secure and compliant

We deploy and maintain our integrations in your infrastructure, so you never have to worry about data breaches or compliance issues.

Rapid implementation

Integrations and migrations are what we do. New integrations typically launch within a matter of weeks.

Support that scales

We have scaled customers to 10k+ locations via our advanced support tooling and integrated ticketing process.

Reduced costs

Bulk usage discounts, across all integrations utilized, dramatically increase cost efficiency compared to native build costs.

Unlock new revenue streams

With our fast-growing portfolio of integrations, you access new market opportunities and geographies to benefit your customers.

Integration maintenance

We ensure continuous and optimal performance through regular updates, monitoring, and adjustments.

Marketplace listings as a service

Our extensive integration portfolio allows you to provide your customers with an integration marketplace quickly.

Use cases

LINK is a single-point integration solution, providing services to Software Application Providers, Merchants and App Developers.

Software application providers

Onboard more efficiently, reduce costs and open new revenue streams.

Scale effortlessly, focus on core engineering, and unlock new revenue streams with our cost-effective software integration company and onboarding services. Take advantage of our solutions that power Fortune 500 companies and connect them with successful startups.

software integration company
Data Migrations


Simplifying tech for cafe and restaurant owners.

Say goodbye to manual data transfers and tech struggles. Our hassle-free data migration and software integration let you focus on creating memorable meals and happy customers. Explore and test apps effortlessly, and get back to what you love most.

application of integration

LINK supports your developers

LINK empowers developers to excel in innovation, simplifying integrations to let you focus on creating exceptional digital experiences.

Extending the team

Integrating with LINK means more than using a tool; it’s about being part of a collaborative network that fosters innovation and shared success.

Efficient integration simplified

LINK is tailored for developers, streamlining integration processes to save time and enhance productivity, whether you’re a team leader or a solo innovator.

Client confidence

Our platform is trusted and used by various reputable clients, reflecting our commitment to reliability and excellence in partnerships.”

Elevate your development

With LINK, overcome integration challenges effortlessly and elevate your development capabilities to new heights.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and leading startups

We connect the world’s leading software applications to empower small businesses.


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Success story

Seamless data migration by LINK for leading domain registrar

LINK recently undertook an ambitious project for one of the globe’s most renowned domain registrars and hosting platforms, with more than 20 million users and a diverse portfolio, including a comprehensive accounting system serving over 35,000 merchants globally…
software integration company
software integration company

In focus

Bridging Payment Systems: The Role of Integration Marketplaces

In a world where seamless transaction experiences are the backbone of successful businesses, integrating disparate payment systems poses a significant challenge. The integration marketplace’s pivotal function is facilitating interoperability among varied payment platforms, ensuring a cohesive and efficient payment landscape. In this video, our founder Sriram Subramaniam uncovers the benefits they bring to streamlining transactions, optimizing user experiences, and fostering innovation in the payment sector.

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