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Retail Conglomerate:
POS & ERP System Integration

Case Study: POS ERP Integration


The client is a group of companies specializing in the distribution of internationally renowned premium brands in apparel, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics across different markets in Europe. With a network of over 80 self owned & operated stores and 12 brand partnerships, the client is a leader in retail and distribution.

The Challenge

The group wanted to upgrade their ERP Software and install Netsuite Oneworld to streamline and manage their Wholesale and Retail businesses. They have 12 stores across the UK and Ireland that currently utilize Vend, a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and retail management software. They were looking for a way to integrate their POS & its related Accounting systems with Netsuite. All the sales & accounting data such as transactions, refunds, returns and store transfers from the point-of-sale needed to flow into Netsuite while the ERP would act as the master repository for product and inventory information. The integration also needed to support multiple subsidiaries and currencies (such as GBP, EURO) used by the stores in different geographies.

The Solution

LINK implemented an integration between Netsuite and Vend which allows data to move seamlessly between the two systems. Our team worked in collaboration with the customer and the Netsuite implementation specialists to customise mappings and ensure that product, customer, sales and payments data from Vend were reflected real-time & with 100 % accuracy in Netsuite. On the Netsuite accounting front, we worked on ensuring that all data went into the correct accounts & that the General Ledger was correctly maintained, COGS were correctly reflected and P&L data was accurate.

The Result

The integration is successfully functioning across the 12 stores in UK & Ireland and has ensured smooth and seamless functioning of their Wholesale and Retail businesses resulting in significant improvements in process efficiencies, cost & time savings.

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Integrations and migrations are all we do… new integrations typically launch within a matter of weeks.

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