LINK 2023 team offsite in Phuket, Thailand

The annual offsite trip is the most exciting event of the year for our team at LINK!. To celebrate the end of 2023 and kickstart plans for 2024, our distributed team across the world gathered in Phuket, Thailand for a 6-day bonding adventure in December. 

The purpose of the company-sponsored offsite trip is to bring the team together outside of the office for quality bonding time. With people coming from different offices and countries, the trip facilitates relationship-building across teams and strengthens the LINK culture.

Over 6 jam-packed days, we shared experiences and made memories to last a lifetime. From exploring idyllic islands to taking in cultural shows, Phuket delivered nonstop engagement. The trip brought us closer together, energized us for the new year, and strengthened the bonds between colleagues.

Day 1 

The first day of activities in Phuket started with everyone getting settled into the hotel after our morning arrival flight. We had some free time to relax at the pool and beach before our exciting evening plans.

In the evening, the group headed to Dolphin Bay for an amazing dolphin and sea lion show. We got front-row seats to watch the dolphins and sea lions leap, flip, and show off an array of tricks with their trainers. The dolphins splashed the crowd with water getting squeals of delight. The sea lions performed clever circus-style balancing acts. It was an unforgettable experience getting to see these intelligent marine mammals up close.

After the unforgettable dolphin show, we decided to explore the streets of Phuket to try the local Thai cuisine.  Sharing stories and laughs together on the first evening set the tone for an amazing trip.

 After dinner, we headed back to the hotel feeling excited for the adventures that lay ahead.


Day 2 

On the second day of the trip, the team headed out for an exciting full day by speed boat to Phi-Phi islands. The tour included visits to some of the most iconic spots that Phi Phi Islands are famous for:

Maya Bay – The pristine stretch of white sand beach made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach. Despite the crowds, it was a breathtakingly beautiful spot.

Loh Samah Bay- A quiet and secluded bay perfect for swimming in turquoise waters. The beach has soft white sand and tropical foliage coming down to the shoreline. 

Viking Cave – A unique cave inhabited by swifts who make their nests high up in crevices. Local fishermen climb bamboo scaffolds to harvest the bird nests which are used to make the expensive Chinese delicacy, bird’s nest soup.

After a packed morning of island hopping and sightseeing, the group enjoyed a relaxing lunch with a local Thai menu on Phi Phi Island before returning to the Phuket hotel. To wrap up another wonderful day, the team went out together for a group dinner in the evening.

Day 3

On Day 3 of the trip, the group embarked on the James Bond Island tour by speedboat. This was an exciting day exploring some of Phuket’s most famous islands and beaches. 

The first stop was Panak Island, known for its distinctive shape that resembles an upside-down saucepan. We had some time to take photos before heading to the next stop. 

After Panak, we arrived at Lagoon Beach on Phang Nga Bay. Here some people went for a refreshing swim in the emerald green waters. We then continued to explore the lush mangrove forests, taking in the unique scenery and ecosystems. Our guide explained interesting facts about the mangroves and pointed out ancient cave paintings along the shoreline.

The tour provided a delicious local Thai lunch, giving us a taste of authentic regional cuisines. After refueling, we headed out to sea kayak around the stunning limestone islands of Hong Island. It was a scenic paddle as we meandered through sea caves and rock formations jutting out of the water.

Our final stop was Lawa Island, where some people opted to do more swimming and snorkeling. The island has pristine white sand beaches and clear blue waters teeming with tropical fish. 

After an active day on the water, we headed back to our hotel in Phuket to clean up. In the evening the group went out together for dinner at a popular local restaurant, capping off another memorable day of sightseeing and adventure.

Day 4 

On the fourth day of the trip, we explored Phuket City. Our first stop was the famous Karon viewpoint, where we took in the breathtaking sights of the city, beaches, and bay area. 

After enjoying the views, we headed to Chalong temple. The temple is one of the most revered Buddhist temples in Phuket. We were able to observe the devoted worshippers and intricate architecture.

Next, we visited some lively souvenir shops selling everything from t-shirts to decorations to local foods and sweets. It was interesting browsing the stalls and markets.

A highlight of the day was visiting the iconic Big Buddha statue. The massive white marble statue sits high on a hilltop, towering over the island. We were impressed by the size and intricate details of the figure. 

After sightseeing, we enjoyed a group lunch together at a local restaurant. It was nice to relax and share stories over delicious Thai food. 

To end our last day, we attended the Phuket Fantasia show and buffet dinner. The carnival-style show featured traditional dances, acrobatics, martial arts, and more. The buffet offered a wide array of Thai delicacies. It was a fitting final evening for our trip.

Overall, our tour of Phuket city allowed us to experience the culture, landmarks, and flavors that make the area so lively and charming. It was a relaxing yet adventure-filled way to conclude the offsite visit. This offsite trip to Phuket is organized by LINK! turned out to be a great team bonding and memorable experience for all the team members. 

Over the 4 days, there were many fun activities planned for the group that brought everyone together and helped strengthen relationships outside of the workplace. From island tours to shows and local experiences, it was nonstop engagement.

The shared experiences like swimming, kayaking, or even just dining together allowed colleagues to see different sides of each other. Many new friendships were formed through the trip that will continue back at work.

Looking back, the trip will be remembered fondly by all who attended. The pictures and stories will linger as a highlight of their time at the company. It was so valuable to give this dedicated team a chance to play together.  

The change of scenery and barrage of activities allowed everyone to hit the reset button. They returned energized and excited about their work.

This kind of shared experience is a true bonding moment. The trip brought the LINK! family closer together through unforgettable memories. It was a rewarding investment that will continue paying dividends moving forward.

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