Food tech platform integrates with dozens of POS and OFO systems via LINK


A well funded market leader in the food tech segment wanted to rapidly sign up restaurants as customers to streamline restaurant order management, off-premise food prep, and delivery. The rate of customer acquisition was critical for this Company to establish a first-mover advantage over the competition. Target restaurants included multiple brands and concepts.

The Challenge

To attract restaurants and go to market, the Company faced an almost insurmountable challenge of integrating with a large, technically diverse, international as well as niche portfolio of Online Food Ordering (OFO) and Point of Sale (POS) systems – 100 plus and growing exponentially. The Company’s in-house integration effort was in the nascent stage and they needed a rapid and cost-effective way of integrating with POS, OFO, and delivery systems.

The Solution

LINK delivered 56 (and counting) POS and OFO integrations for the Company, which included not only the international systems with bulk of the restaurant volume, but also local players that are well-established in their markets. Within the first 11 months, LINK’s team rolled out 18+ integrations with a rapid velocity, letting the Company take its tech platform to over 5000 restaurants globally.

Admin view to manage all integrations

LINK’s white-labeled integration platform enabled the Company’s customer onboarding team to sign up new restaurants and activate the necessary integrations within minutes. Leading POS systems that LINK integrated included Toast, Square, Clover, Lightspeed, Oracle Simphony, Shopify, and many others. One key value proposition was LINK’s public API, which allowed any small or local app that didn’t have their own API to be able to sync with the Company’s platform.

Interface to activate a new restaurant

All active restaurants filtered by integration connector 

Additionally, restaurants acquired by the Company were able to use a broader range of LINK’s integration connectors, including but not limited to, accounting, marketing, inventory management, and loyalty systems. Thus further enabling automation and saving tens of thousands of hours otherwise spent by restaurants in manual data entry and reconciliation.

The Result

With thousands of new restaurants being on-boarded monthly onto its tech platform, the Company has established itself as the market leader in North America, and has gained a strong presence in LATAM, Middle East, and Europe. It has also capitalized on the cost-efficiency and integration velocity brought about by its partnership with LINK to identify the most critical integrations that are vital to the Company’s long-term success.

LINK’s platform can also be used by geographically diverse multi-restaurant and multi-brand companies to integrate their operations for analytics, supply chain optimization, and many other use cases.

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