Beyond work: Exploring the diverse hobbies of LINK’s team members

At LINK!, we feel that taking care of our mental health is as crucial as reaching our professional objectives. Today, we present some of our team members’ hobbies, which help them decompress and achieve balance.

 Meet Akram, Athul, Kamal, and Suraj, four team members at LINK who find motivation and inspiration in unconventional outdoor activities. Beyond the realm of code and applications, these individuals have struck a good balance between their professional endeavors and their adventurous personalities.

 Akram and Athul,  motorbike fanatics, find comfort on the open road. When they’re not integrating applications, you may find them on the winding trails, enjoying the freedom of two wheels. The thrill of the journey, as well as the ever-changing scenery, fuels their love of technology and adventure.

 Kamal, on the other hand, enjoys going off-roading and getting off the usual route. For him, tackling difficult terrain is the ultimate stress relief. The joy of overcoming difficult challenges and exploring unexplored territory refreshes his mind, allowing him to approach his work with newfound vigour and originality.

 Suraj, a hiking master, takes refuge in nature’s beauty. He explores the wide outdoors, one trail at a time, breathing in fresh air and taking in spectacular views. This connection to the natural environment allows him to refresh and obtain a new perspective, allowing him to attack his coding issues with clarity and purpose.

Akram and Athul, the Code Warriors on Two Wheels

The exhilaration of riding their motorcycles on wide highways is second only to that of coding for Akram and Athul. When they’re not busy integrating applications, they enjoy the freedom and adrenaline rush that come with exploring the country on two wheels.

Akram’s passion for riding is fueled by the sound of the engine, the wind blowing against his face, and the vast stretch of tarmac in front of him. It is a hobby that lets him get away from his desk and enjoy the great outdoors, leaving the strains of work behind with each mile he completes

Motorcycle riding has been Athul’s cherished hobby since childhood, driven by an early fascination with internal combustion engines. Over the years, this passion has only grown stronger, fueled by a keen interest in the technology behind these powerful machines. Athul has diligently gathered knowledge and honed his skills in maintaining and taking excellent care of all his motor vehicles.

Weekends are a dedicated time for this hobby, often spent engrossed in maintenance work or embarking on exhilarating rides with fellow enthusiasts. Over the past decade, Athul has pushed his limits through off-roading and track riding, embracing the challenges and thrills they offer.

This hobby not only provides Athul with a sense of freedom and adventure but also a profound satisfaction in understanding and mastering the intricate workings of motorcycle engines.

Speaking of Akram – his passion for bikes started during a trip to Hampi with his friends. He saw a convoy of motorcycles and was inspired to buy his own. His first bike was a Himalayan. Gradually, he gathered biking accessories and later joined a biking group. Today, Akram’s motorcycle is more than simply a source of mobility; it represents his zest for life and ability to achieve a balance between his professional interests and his adventurous personality.

Kamal’s Off-road Escapes

Kamal’s passion for off-roading stems from an unquenchable appetite for adventure and a strong admiration for nature’s rough beauty. For him, the genuine essence of freedom is found in deviating from the usual road, where the tarmac ends and the untamed forest begins.

 Kamal sets off on adventures, traveling through dangerous terrains that test both his talent and his passion to drive. Each off-road adventure demonstrates Kamal’s tenacity and ability to adapt to new conditions. Whether navigating muddy bogs or mounting precipitous cliffs, he appreciates the opportunity to push his limitations and put his mettle to the test against nature’s tough challenges.

Suraj: The Hiking Enthusiast Exploring Nature’s Wonders

Hiking, for Suraj, is more than just a physical activity; it is a meaningful connection with nature that renews his mind, body, and soul. As a developer, he takes refuge in the peace of nature’s trails, where the noise and bustle of the digital world recedes into the background.

 Suraj immerses himself in the stunning vistas around him with every step he takes. The fresh mountain air fills his lungs, providing him with a sensation of independence and clarity.

 Hiking is more than just a hobby for Suraj; it is a way of life that allows him to unwind and find equilibrium in the fast-paced world of programming. As he travels across the difficult terrain, he feels a sense of success and gratitude for the natural beauty that surrounds him. Each path offers a fresh challenge, a chance to stretch his limits and discover hidden jewels that most people miss.

 So, why not take their lead? Find your own passion, step outside of your comfort zone, and enjoy the adventure that awaits. The pleasures are limitless, whether you are exploring new territory on two wheels, overcoming rough terrain, or simply immersing yourself in nature’s splendor.

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