Turn integration challenges into competitive advantage with LINK.

Working with LINK’s KitchenSync

Your Ghost/Dark/Cloud Kitchen
Software Platform


Any to Any Software/App Integration Connectors ( Plug and Play, Ready to use, 60+ Available, Speedy, Safe, Reliable, Economical )

Integrate Seamlessly with
Any Restaurant POS

Integrate with 100s of Online
Ordering and Delivery Platforms

Onboard 1000s of Restaurants
Across Geographies

All Data flows into your backend
(ERP/BI/Other) systems

Capture orders from any Device
and Channel

60+ Ready Integrations with leading POS and Food Apps

2000+ Restaurants across 4 continents within a quarter

Ability to handle  1M+

Enterprise Grade Security

80% Cost Savings

99.995% Uptime

$100,000.” * SOURCE: PRIVCO, 2020


A holistic model with 360° coverage that ensures hypergrowth

Your Ghost/Dark/Cloud Kitchen Software Platform

Any to Any Software/App Integration Connectors

(Plug and Play, Ready to use. 60 Plus available, Speedy, Safe, Reliable, Economical)

Scenario 1

Order received from Online Ordering/ Food/Aggregation/Delivery Platform

Scalable to 100s of Ordering and Delivery Platform

LINK iPaaS connector

Order Received from Delivery Only Restaurant via Any Branded/Global/Regional POS

Scenario 2

Order Received from Delivery Only Restaurant ( Operating its Cooking via your infrastructure Or in addition to its own facilities ) via its Own.

White-Labeled in house Order Management System ( 9Fold, Bbot )

Scenario 3

Order Received Direct from end consumer via ANY DEVICE

Integration Capabilities: Major Apps

Online Ordering and Delivery Platforms

F&B POS | Restaurant Management Systems/Apps

Why Leading Cloud Kitchens rely on LINK to achieve

Launched 15+ new partnerships across 4 continents within 3 months

20K+ new orders monthly within a few weeks of integrating with LINK

Advanced Automation for seamless Operational control

Highest grade security, using the most trusted infrastructure tools with highest grade of encryption and No Storage of PII data

For additional security, LINK Tech can also be Deployed within your Cloud iPaaS(AWS/GCP/Azure)

Turnkey “White glove Approach”: Full Onboarding support for all Restaurants and partners

Round the clock monitoring and triage support by LINK Ops team

99.995% uptime

Turnkey Data Migration/Ops/Maintenance/24*7
Support embedded into our Platform

Turnkey data migration Services to Onboard Restaurant Data onto your Cloud Kitchen Platform, Implementation and Deployment Services, Connectivity to 3rd party Apps ( Inventory Management, BI/Analytics, and many more). All handled by us as per your custom requirements.

How it works

Plug and Play Ghost/Dark/Cloud Kitchen enablement Technology via a

“The Ghost/Dark/Cloud Kitchen Market was $43.1 billion in 2019 and estimated to reach $71.4 billion by 2027 with
a CAGR of 12.0% *.
 Driven exponentially by the Covid-19 pandemic.” Source: GlobeNewswire

For Restaurant/Food Chain owners

If you are a Restaurant/Food Chain Owner, check out how our no-cost
Onboarding Services will rapidly “Cloud Kitchen enable” your businesses.

LINK: A Better Way To Integrate

LINK is a single-point integration solution for Application Service providers. Let LINK handle your integration backlog so your engineers can focus on your core service roadmap.

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Stop sending your customers to a 3rd party – our integrations appear native to your service with a single line of code.

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100% Secure
and Compliant

We deploy and maintain our integrations in your infrastructure, so you never have to worry about data breaches or compliance issues.

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Rapid Development and Implementation

Integrations and migrations are all we do… new integrations typically launch within a matter of weeks.

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That Scales

We have scaled customers to 10k+ locations via our advanced support tooling and integrated ticketing process.

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Exponentially Reducing
Unit Cost

Bulk usage discounts, across all integrations utilized, dramatically increase cost efficiency compared to native build costs.

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Unlock new markets
and partnerships

With our fast-growing portfolio of integrations, you access new market opportunities and geographies to benefit your customers.

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Integrations and migrations are all we do… new integrations typically launch within a matter of weeks.

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Marketplace Listings
as a Service

Our white-labelled service combined with our extensive portfolio of integrations allows you to create an Integration Marketplace to offer to your customers.

LINK Supports
Your Engineers

Your engineers should focus on your core service, not integrations. LINK can solve all your integration needs or, if you have an existing integration technical team, LINK can handle integration requests that never get prioritized or urgent requests you lack the resources to tackle.

Extending The Team

Our integrations plug-in seamlessly with a single line of code and we maintain the integration – no burden on your engineering team.

No Code Model

Your engineers do not have to code. Just expose your API and LINK will handle the rest.

Real People

Real experts on the other end of the line to deliver support that truly scales.


For years, LINK has provided Fortune 500 companies with integrations that are not only reliable, but scale rapidly as well.

LINK Migration Service

Our Fortune 500 clients report that our migration service not only accelerates and increases their sales-to-activation rate, but long-term retention as well to boost lifetime value.

Sriram Subramanian, CEO


Struggling to migrate thousands of customers? LINK can help.

  • Increase your Sale-to-Activation percentage to stop losing deals that have been won.
  • Prospect refuses to consider a new software unless they can migrate their historical data? No problem – now you can.
  • Free up Account Managers from struggling to troubleshoot technical issues in trying to assist new clients migrating to your platform.

Discuss your migration service needs today!

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Whether location or order-based, our affordable pricing is usage-based to lower your risk and ensure that we are a cost-effective solution.

Location Based

Order Based

Custom Pricing

We have the flexibility to incorporate other pricing models.

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