Foodservice AI platform first launched in Europe further expands in the US market by launching POS integrations via LINK


An innovative European Foodservice AI Platform used for streamlining restaurants’ kitchen operations is expanding its US footprint via an integration with Toast – one of the top restaurant POS systems in the US. Their goal is twofold: gain new customers in North America and provide simple and fast data integration for existing and future customers. The restaurant types covered by the Foodservice AI Platform use a variety of POS systems, and hence further POS integrations are critical for their long-term success.

The Challenge

The Foodservice AI Platform’s current and prospective clients required an integration with Toast to streamline their kitchen operations. Additionally, considering the variety of POS systems globally and the potential number of customers, the Foodservice AI Platform needed a partner that could develop, scale, and maintain multiple integrations across geographies. They did a targeted market evaluation and chose LINK as the best fit for their needs.

The Solution

LINK went from an introductory call to delivering a robust, white-labeled solution in production within 5 weeks. Additionally, LINK provided multiple hosting options to comply with privacy requirements in the US and Europe. This gives flexibility and speed to the Foodservice AI Platform to expand deployments across the US and EU in parallel.

LINK built an order sync integration that would push order details from the POS system to the Foodservice AI Platform, which is needed for the Platform’s prediction/analytics engine to provide useful insights to the restaurants for managing their kitchens’ operations.
The solution will be available to hundreds of the Foodservice AI Platform’s new customers. Additionally, integrations with two more large-scale POS systems are underway.

The Result

The Foodservice AI Platform can now offer its current and prospective customers a fully seamless integration with their Toast POS systems. The quick build, agile maintenance, and industry-specific expert experience that LINK offers have opened the doors to begin building several other integrations the Foodservice AI Platform can offer to their merchants globally.



“As we expanded in the US market with our Foodservice AI Platform, used to manage restaurant kitchens, the decision for a POS middleware was made rather quickly. We needed to target different POS Systems and a large number of potential customers. We talked with LINK at length about our integration needs, the way we wanted the integration built, and how we envisioned maintenance and support to take place. After learning about the flexibility in service that LINK provides we decided that LINK was the best fit for us.
Once the roadmap and timeline were established with LINK, everything worked as planned and delivered on time or faster than originally estimated. Toast was the very first POS integration into our system and it spearheaded our initiative to add direct integrations to our platform. There have never been any blockers from the LINK development side and we are on our planned production timeline to go live and enter the US market. Based on this early success, we are looking forward to scaling our POS integrations both in the US and Europe with LINK.”

– Foodservice AI Platform

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