Seamless data migration by LINK for leading domain registrar


LINK recently undertook an ambitious project for one of the globe’s most renowned domain registrars and hosting platforms, with more than 20 million users and a diverse portfolio, including a comprehensive accounting system serving over 35,000 merchants globally.

The Challenge

In its journey towards technological advancement, the client decided to replace its existing online accounting solution with a more advanced system, developed by a financial software frontrunner. Ensuring a smooth transition for the users was paramount, necessitating a guided migration process with minimal disruption and an intuitive, integrated user experience.

The Solution

LINK developed an innovative migration tool embedded within the client’s dashboard. This tool not only informed merchants of the impending change but also facilitated the transition to the new accounting system without requiring extensive input from the users. LINK’s expertise in data mapping and migration was pivotal in transferring vast amounts of data from the old to the new system, culminating in a comprehensive report for each merchant.

The Result

The solution was a resounding success, with over 600 migrations completed within the first five hours post-launch. Ultimately, all merchants smoothly transitioned to the new system within 3 months, a significant achievement given the scale of the project. The entire process was achieved with 100% automation (no touch) and zero phone support, which was a first in the industry for a migration of this scale. This milestone marked a first in the industry for a migration project of this magnitude.

Following this successful migration, LINK continues to work with the client, creating further integrations between their business solutions and the new accounting system.

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